Wednesday, June 4, 2008

8&9 Update: Memorial Day Weekend Miami Pics, South Beach - Cop Don't Shoot T-Shirts White

As expected Memorial Day South Beach was crazy. 8&9 hit the streets with Cop Don't Shoot to spread the movement. Good look, great weekend. Big things for this Summer & thank you to everyone who rocked with us over the weekend. The #1 question was "how can we get shirts in our city?" Below is the link to the white shirt in 8&9 Amazon store or email us to for paypal convenient check out, or go to -Here is some pics from the weekend. Check the full album at -

(PSC artist Big Kuntry & the 8&9 Squad)

(Protect & Serve)

(Magic Don Juan, 2 cups, 1 movement South Beach)

More updates & new 8&9 Designs this week!!

Peace & Take Care