Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IDontWearSuits Update: "COP, DON'T SHOOT!!" T-Shirts ON SALE + Launch of a collective Facebook action to keep police brutality in the spotlight

COP, DON'T SHOOT!! (I am not carrying a gun): A collective facebook movement with a necessary positive message. This concept came as a submission to the Political T-Shirt Design Contest @ IDontWearSuits.com - The message is so necessary, urgent and timely that we couldn't resist sending it right to production and starting this facebook group to grow the movement and establish an outlet for discussion.

Facebook Group: Cop Don't Shoot! Fashion action of a StreetWear Brand against Police Brutality

For every T-Shirt sold, 3 more will be produced. Be a part of the movement.

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With facebook and IDontWearSuits.com we're starting a movement that actualizes the full potential fashion has to convey messages and impact the masses. This is our responsibility. We strongly believe that something needs to be done with the American Criminal Capture/Prosecution/Detention industry to restore JUSTICE and REHABILITATION. Remember when officers were "to protect and to serve" and when it wasn't strange to ask one for directions? Point is that the police are trained to mobilize like gangs so we are starting a movement using facebook and hopefully we can bring awareness to this problem and give people an outlet of expression with the Cop Don't Shoot T-Shirts. This is a powerful message and if everyone gets on board we can definitely make both noise and impact.

Pending the strong response you can expect us to answer with Sunkist colors to get you through the Summer! Just black and white for now. We appreciate your involvement in this group even if you don't buy a shirt but it would be great if you can tell your friends and invite them to the group!! The more t-shirts in the streets the bigger the movement will be and the stronger the message. Either way, your t-shirt is a billboard and people do comment/judge your style so make a statement that makes a difference!!!

For information on how to help us spread the movement email inquiries@8and9.com
IDontWearSuits.com Launching Soon!!!

Peace 4 Now