Monday, June 30, 2008

8&9 Designs, T-Shirt Release: "Cover Me" New Color Way & 2 Retro's (Jordan Aqua VIII's - Carmine VI's - Linen X's) T-Shirt

6.28.08 New Release!! T-Shirts for sale 7.1.08 @ - from your phone.

Popular demand brought back this one:
(Black / Bright Concord / Aqua Tone)

And one of the most classic sneakers ever inspired this one:

(Carmine Red / Black / White)

And since it's apparently the summer of khaki cargo's we had to give you this: Don't sleep on the Jordan 1's

(White / Sand / Linen Cream)

On sale 7.1.08

Until then...

Peace & Take Care


Sneak Peek: PhotoShoot w/ Eight & Nine Designs Judy Styles 8&9 "Cover Me" T-Shirt

Eight & Nine x Kicks & Chicks Photo Shoot Judy Styles Sneak Peek.

FREE Myspace layouts from this shoot COMING SOON! at or

Also be sure to add Judy Styles to your myspace friends.

(8&9 "Cover Me" T-Shirt, Judy Styles Nike Sb Dunks)

You'll be seeing more of Judy in 8&9 Designs that is for sure!!! Expect another update this week. We are planning something good!

In the meantime, B-EZ.

Peace & Take Care

Sunday, June 29, 2008

8&9 x Dunkxchange NYC - Quick update link to pictures

6.29.08 8&9 x DunkXchange, NYC @ Crash Mansion

Sunday, 8&9 was back at it again this time in NYC. The team was out in full affect and those of you who attended know that 8&9 was deep!! Good lookin out to everyone who stopped by the booth and showed us love.

(Steve-O, Shay, Ray Figgs, Os, Ol' Youth, Rob & Ollie aka Quool)

Dunkxchange, we appreciate you and will see you next time, the beautiful partnership continues. 8&9 @ Dunkxchange coming soon to a city near you!! Check out or for updates!!

Here are some pic previews: You know the albums are full, check the other pics!! & of course in the facebook group.

(Ol Youth and Ray Figgs aka attic4sneekaz)
Nuff respect due to LOOT who destroyed Dunk Xchange, as usual, by representing REAL HIP HOP! Check him out at

(KayBoogz, LOOT, and Stevo)

Until next time....

Peace & Take Care


Saturday, June 28, 2008

8&9 Designs: New T-Shirt Release "I Am The Future" Exclusive Color Nike Air Jordan V 5's White / Emerald Green / Grape Ice T-Shirt

6.28.08 New Release!

Nothing more to say, I Am The Future Grape Jordan 5 Colorway

(White / Emerald Green / Grape Ice)

On Sale Sunday 6.29.08!!

Peace & Take Care


Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008and9 - Note to the 8&9 Alliance & thank you to the 8&9 custo's!

6.26.08 - 8&9 Alliance: Oh man. Where to even begin. We knew 2008and9 was coming, we knew it was going to be serious, we knew that the 8&9 Alliance was in the best possible position and that the time was now. Still, it's almost impossible to imagine the magnitude of progress and the consistency of the positive response we've received in the first quarter 2008and9. Thank you!

To every single person, The 8&9 Alliance, we appreciate you. Over the years, the exact position we are in right now as a brand, with our product, the recognition it wouldn't have been possible without you. Know, that 8&9 will continue to hold you down as we move forward and continue to answer the growing demand for everything 8&9.

This week we're releasing tons of new 8&9 Designs. We are making changes on and especially in the shopping platform, Most importantly, we want to remind you that 8&9 is serious about our loyalties and we're making sure that you know we rock with those who've been down from day 1. This is the turning point and we are right here with you.
Email any member of our staff directly or send a message to customer service telling them 1 undeniable reason why you should get the exclusive discount code for 30% off anything 8&9. We got you.
Don't worry, we love our new customers too, so tell your friends to use the code "NEWJACKS" when checking out on they'll get 10% off since they know you. Beat that.

In the meantime, check the shop @ for new products being added this week.

Check myspace for 8&9

& become a fan 8&9 FaceBook

We appreciate you.

Peace & Take Care


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

8&9 Designs: New T-Shirt Release 2 Exclusive Colors, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Sb Dr FeelGood T-Shirt- "Vandalized"

6.24.08 - 1 New Graphic "Vandalized" - 2 New Colors


Vandalized Royal Garments S/S T-Shirt

(Team Purple / Jet Black)

Vandalized Dr Feel Good Edition S/S T-Shirt

Now on sale @

New 8&9 clothing coming 6.25.08 check back!!

B - Ez


8&9 x Dunkxchange Miami - Quick update link to pictures

Dunkxchange Miami, June 2008 - Maaadnessssssss! Those of you who made it know. Metropolis was packed, incredible day. Big shout out & thank you to Curtis & the fam who held us down.

8&9 debuted a few exclusive colorways and new releaseses, gave away some goodies and sold a bunch, and no doubt we all spent a little on some certain exclusives that you only could find @ dunkxchange! All in a days work, ;-)

Check the pics @

Peace & Take Care


Friday, June 20, 2008

DunkXchange NYC - 8&9 Designs Official Sponsor

6.29.08, NYC: DunkXchange @ Crash Mansion NYC

8&9 Clothing Sale and Showcase, NiceKicks, Suck My Kicks Sneaker Battle hosted by DJ Clark Kent.

8&9 will be in the building with tons of new product, never seen before graphics, dunkxchange exclusive color ways. TONS OF FREE GIVEAWAYS like 8&9 bandanas and TNG mixtapes from DJ Lus & DJ Hectik. Pass by the 8&9 booth @ DunkXchange and mention for a free gift.

RSVP of for INFO:

See you Sunday @
1pm, Crash Mansion - 199 Bowery Street, NY 10002

Peace & Take Care

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eight & Nine Alliance: Dj Lus, Spanish Fest Weekend - 3 Parties 1 celebration

DJ Lus, Congratulations! The kid had a huge first quarter of 2008and9 and we look forward to more great parties, cd's and radio shows! 8&9 Alliance, will keep doing it big.

Check Lus out at - and check him out all this weekend at the Spanish Festival and official after parties with Notch and some of your other favorite artists! Don't miss it!

Also, check out updates on 8&9 events etc in the FACEBOOK 8&9 Alliance Group:

Peace & Take Care


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product update: 8&9 "CMYK" T-Shirt - Coloway Nike Thrashin Sb Dunk

Here is another Limited Edition 8&9 T-Shirt w/ an identical Nike Sb Color Match. This time it's the Thrashin Dunk Highs. Gold Box, but still a nice job on these. They say its white/chlorine blue. We say its CMYK, aka Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black or in this case, CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE YOUNG KILLERS. Eitherway, the hit is direct and delivered with the utmost precision.

Pre-orders shipped, now CMYK is uploaded to - for those of you who bought early thanks again and you're welcome but we don't mind getting you in the streets with the perfect sb match early. ;-)

Check the blog next week for atleast 6 new items/colorways and a Retro of the 8&9 "Cover Me" T-Shirt in the Aqua VIII scheme. Email today to to reserve your size. Don't sleep again.

Peace & Take Care


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

8&9 Designs - Sale & Showcase @ Dunk Xchange Miami!!

Eight & Nine - Dunkxchange NYC was a nice look so we'll be back @ the Miami Show this weekend.

The venue is Metropolis night club which should be a good look with plenty of space. EMAIL: for any and all questions!!
Expect some exclusive prints from 8&9 only available at DunkXchange. Expect a price you can't possibly refuse on 8&9 T's and some exclusive footwear. Expect some free goodies @ the 8&9 table & definitely expect a good time & maybe even a drink on us.

8&9 is an official sponsor of dunkxchange NYC on the 29th of June, so check us out there too. It's going to be MAJOR!!! Tons of new product, sneak peeks, giveaways and some special invited guests ;-)

See you there.
Peace & take care

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8&9 x DME x Red Cafe Performing Live - Bronx, NY

Shout out to DME, Red Cafe, Konvict Music, Old Youth and the whole BX. We'll keep it short.
Check for more pics!

Peace & Take Care


Monday, June 9, 2008

8&9 x DJ KC Chino & - Mixtape Release Party

The 8&9 Alliance is at it again. DJ KC Chino & Danny S @ Jet Set for the Tri-State Club Tour Mixtape Release Party. CD featuring Anointed S, Jim Jones, Chris Brown, Janet, Kanye, & Fabolous. Check all the party pics at

Of course, Cop Don't Shoot was in the building.

More updates soon!

Peace & Take Care

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

8&9 Update: Memorial Day Weekend Miami Pics, South Beach - Cop Don't Shoot T-Shirts White

As expected Memorial Day South Beach was crazy. 8&9 hit the streets with Cop Don't Shoot to spread the movement. Good look, great weekend. Big things for this Summer & thank you to everyone who rocked with us over the weekend. The #1 question was "how can we get shirts in our city?" Below is the link to the white shirt in 8&9 Amazon store or email us to for paypal convenient check out, or go to -Here is some pics from the weekend. Check the full album at -

(PSC artist Big Kuntry & the 8&9 Squad)

(Protect & Serve)

(Magic Don Juan, 2 cups, 1 movement South Beach)

More updates & new 8&9 Designs this week!!

Peace & Take Care