Monday, July 28, 2008

8&9 Update, East River Park: KRS-ONE, KID CAPRI x 8&9 Cop Don't Shoot T-Shirt

Thursday, July 24: East River Park, East River between Grand & Jackson L.E.S.

This is pretty much historic, Kid Capri on the 1 and 2's & KRS-ONE live performing tracks like Criminal minded, ova here, south bronx, step into the realm and of course the bridge is over. The 8&9 Alliance was lucky to be in the building but the support/endorsement from KRS himself for Cop Don't Shoot is something we greatly appreciate.

In case you are under 16, live in the woods or just aren't familiar, KRS-ONE is a grammy-nominated iconic hip hop figure, and arguably one of the greatest ever. He's an outspoken MC and a ministry for revolutionary mind states that uplift and progress the community.

For these reasons and some personal ones, we are grateful to KRS for his sincere support and we look forward to doing bigger things together in the future!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

8&9 Designs, Retail Spotlight: "PlatForm NYC" - Bronx NY

7.26.08 - The Eight & Nine Alliance has many facets, members and objectives. Today, we want to say "good lookin out" to the team at PlatForm Nyc. Jalow and the squad have been keeping The BX fresh for years. Best of luck gentlemen, we are here for anything you need! And to our loyal NYC shoppers, check out PlatForm for an unparralleled selection of Kicks, Clothes, Accessories & Music. Of course Eight & Nine Designs is always in stock, if they don't have a style you want, just ask. *Location: 2268 Grand Concourse Bronx NY 10457 (By 183rd St.) *Directions: D Train to 183rd St. *Store Phone: 718-733-2020

(Ray Figgs, 8&9 - Jalow, Owner Platform NYC)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8&9 Shoot x Respek Fresh x Titi - What else can be said?

7.14.08 Lately good things have been happening "by accident" and this shoot is another great example. Titi, you're the best, Fresh we appreciate you and to the models & the squad we got you, anything you need do not hesitate. If you want to book 8&9 models or utilize 8&9 photographers just drop a line to - we got you. For everyone else find more pics at -

Check back soon for more 8&9 x Respek Fresh & Titi. 8&9 Alliance, unstoppable

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Monday, July 14, 2008

8&9 Designs: Featured On Groovesk8 The Home of "UnderGround Clothing "

7.14.08 - Eight & Nine has a new look on - groovesk8 is a site that recognizes clothing companies that haven't "sold out" and have underground perspectives when it comes to line aesthetics. Thanks to groovesk8 for holding us down for all these years! See you @ the top ;-)

More updates coming soon

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New T-Shirt Release @ by 8&9 Designs "Real Heads Rock Their Kicks" Free Bandana w/ Every Shirt!

7.10.08 Product Update is a site where anybody can go and submit a graphic for cash money. If your design is hot, we'll pay you, produce it, sell it, and pay you some more. Can't beat that huh? So now we have started it off. We did Cop Don't Shoot, and now this "Real Heads Rock Their Kicks." So it is your turn to step up, log on to and check it out.
If you don't understand the concept of this one then you are officially a hypebeast. Don't worry though, they have medicine for your condition and you can buy that with your mommy's credit card too!Both colors will be on sale at TODAY! Each color comes with a free 8&9 bandana scarf!

Check tonight!

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COMING SOON! 8&9 x Kicksandchicks Calendar Featuring Judy Styles

Its official, 8&9 x Kicksandchicks Calendar Featuring Judy Styles is coming soon! It is a 100% fact that this item is in high demand and will not be in stock very long. We will stagger the release a little in fairness but check back often because it will be available sooner than you think

Click the picture to join the 8&9 Facebook Fan Page and get both discounts as well as early release notification!


8&9 x
Calendar coming soon!!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8&9 Designs T-Shirt Release: "Get Busy" Thanks to the Dj's tribute to the wheels of steel 2 Color Ways 8&9 T-Shirt


New T-Shirt On Sale Now!!

This one was long over due, DJ Hectik, Lus, Danny S, Dj Gera, Pablo, DJ Epps, Dj Gq, Suss One, Kc Chino, P-Craze, Dj Chuck T and all of the Dj's who rep 8&9, this one is for you! If you've been down from day 1 then you already know how to get this shirt. Hit my cell, I got you, nothing changes. 8&9 Alliance til the end....

(White/Black Pen)

Don't worry, this one is on sale now @ !! LOYALTEE is the discount checkout code for 25% off on this shirt!! Won't last long, limited release 8&9 T-Shirt.
(Steel/Blue Pen)

Thanks for looking!! Send any thoughts or feedback to

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Monday, July 7, 2008

8&9 Designs T-Shirt Release: "Brain Dead" Nike Sb High Send Help Blue Reef & Nike Sb High Dinosaur Jr Metallic Color Ways 8&9 T-Shirt

7.7.08 Product update: "Brain Dead" New Colors

In our business we're fortunate to have freedom of expression as well as an outlet. Below are sample pics of our latest concoction. Who knows if we'll ever actually sell any but if you see us in the street we just might give you one. As for the statement, the message; no explanation needed. Email any questions.

8&9 T-Shirt Nike Sb High Send Help Blue Reef / Metallic Silver Color Way
8&9 T-Shirt Nike Sb High Dinosaur Jr Royal Purple /Metallic Color Way

Marinate on this one, we'll talk soon.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8&9 Designs T-Shirt Release: "Center Of Attraction" New Color Way (Cool Grey - Icy Blue - White) T-Shirt

7.01.08 - Product update

New T-Shirt Release: "Center Of Attraction" New Color Way (Cool Grey - Icy Blue - White) T-Shirt

On sale now!!!

More updates coming soon! Check back daily. We are not playing! 8&9 takeover is fully underway.

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