Monday, July 28, 2008

8&9 Update, East River Park: KRS-ONE, KID CAPRI x 8&9 Cop Don't Shoot T-Shirt

Thursday, July 24: East River Park, East River between Grand & Jackson L.E.S.

This is pretty much historic, Kid Capri on the 1 and 2's & KRS-ONE live performing tracks like Criminal minded, ova here, south bronx, step into the realm and of course the bridge is over. The 8&9 Alliance was lucky to be in the building but the support/endorsement from KRS himself for Cop Don't Shoot is something we greatly appreciate.

In case you are under 16, live in the woods or just aren't familiar, KRS-ONE is a grammy-nominated iconic hip hop figure, and arguably one of the greatest ever. He's an outspoken MC and a ministry for revolutionary mind states that uplift and progress the community.

For these reasons and some personal ones, we are grateful to KRS for his sincere support and we look forward to doing bigger things together in the future!

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Peace & Take Care