Sunday, June 29, 2008

8&9 x Dunkxchange NYC - Quick update link to pictures

6.29.08 8&9 x DunkXchange, NYC @ Crash Mansion

Sunday, 8&9 was back at it again this time in NYC. The team was out in full affect and those of you who attended know that 8&9 was deep!! Good lookin out to everyone who stopped by the booth and showed us love.

(Steve-O, Shay, Ray Figgs, Os, Ol' Youth, Rob & Ollie aka Quool)

Dunkxchange, we appreciate you and will see you next time, the beautiful partnership continues. 8&9 @ Dunkxchange coming soon to a city near you!! Check out or for updates!!

Here are some pic previews: You know the albums are full, check the other pics!! & of course in the facebook group.

(Ol Youth and Ray Figgs aka attic4sneekaz)
Nuff respect due to LOOT who destroyed Dunk Xchange, as usual, by representing REAL HIP HOP! Check him out at

(KayBoogz, LOOT, and Stevo)

Until next time....

Peace & Take Care