Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product update: 8&9 "CMYK" T-Shirt - Coloway Nike Thrashin Sb Dunk

Here is another Limited Edition 8&9 T-Shirt w/ an identical Nike Sb Color Match. This time it's the Thrashin Dunk Highs. Gold Box, but still a nice job on these. They say its white/chlorine blue. We say its CMYK, aka Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black or in this case, CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE YOUNG KILLERS. Eitherway, the hit is direct and delivered with the utmost precision.

Pre-orders shipped, now CMYK is uploaded to - for those of you who bought early thanks again and you're welcome but we don't mind getting you in the streets with the perfect sb match early. ;-)

Check the blog next week for atleast 6 new items/colorways and a Retro of the 8&9 "Cover Me" T-Shirt in the Aqua VIII scheme. Email today to to reserve your size. Don't sleep again.

Peace & Take Care