Monday, September 22, 2008 Product Update: "Real Heads" T-Shirt by 8&9 Designs Jordan B.M.P.

9.23.08 Product Update:

New T-Shirt Release @ by 8&9 Designs "Real Heads Rock Their Kicks" 2 Brand New Jordan Beginning Moments Package Colorways Free Bandana w/ Every Shirt! is a site where anybody can go and submit a graphic for cash money. If your design is hot, we'll pay you, produce it, sell it, and pay you some more. Can't beat that huh? So now we have started it off. We did Cop Don't Shoot, now this "Real Heads Rock Their Kicks." So it is your turn to step up, log on to and check it out.

Both colors are on sale now!!! Go to TODAY! Each color comes with a free 8&9 bandana scarf!


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