Sunday, August 17, 2008

8&9 Designs: Press Update Feature on

8.17.08 - Eight & Nine Designs, article on - They say "all press is good press, or no press is bad press." We'll we don't agree and we are thankful for this new article about Eight & Nine Designs on - If you aren't familiar, sojones is one of the longest running, most highly regarded sources for hip hop music, fashion and lifestyle news. 8&9 is featured with the likes of Kimora Lee Simmons, Nelly, Matt Halfhill from and a great article about the S.L.A.T.E. addition to the Magic Convention coming up in Las Vegas. Log onto for the full article. Please check it out, leave a comment! We appreciate you! Big up to and the creative director over there. You are the man!

8 and 9 Designs Launch Back to School Streetwear Collection

"Going against current high price retail trends, the Eight & Nine brand is receiving acclaim for its premium quality fashions that come with a lowered price point. The brand's retail vision, depth of design, and flawless color way precision, created much demand from Nike Sneaker culture and japanese streetwear consumer markets. "

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