Monday, February 11, 2008

New 8&9 T's Batch 2: "Cover Me" January palette

Greetings & Happy February! We're checking in with 3 essential colors in the
"Cover Me" graphic. This is the uniform for 2008 so grab another color from the Amazon store click SHOP AMAZON! It's on sale now for you 50% off retail. New styles and new graphics coming soon!! Don't sleep on these or they will be sold out just like the rest!! Keep sending your requests to - You never know which color we'll retro!

EIGHT & NINE DESIGNS "Cover Me" olive vintage/linen/cream Bobbito Garcia
Nike Air Force One Premium Kool Bob Limited Colorway

EIGHT & NINE DESIGNS "Cover Me" - black/orange blaze/sport royal, NYC Nike Air Force II, Limited Colorway

EIGHT & NINE DESIGNS "Cover Me" - medium grey/cool grey-light, Nike Air Force 1 Limited Colorway
Peace & Take Care